Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Team Adonea

Adonea is expecting her first baby sometime soon.

 She arrived at 4:45am today with a whole slew of support. Still half asleep and fumbling for keys in the dark, we said, "tout moun leve bonè jodi a, wi" (everyone is up early today) ... And, almost 12 hours later - the support team continues to pray and encourage.  On the left, Adonea's Mom and Dad, then her sister and uncle.  It is beautiful to have such a loving and supportive cheering section ... We want this for everyone!   We're excited to welcome another March baby later today. 


Megan said...

This is what it's all about!!

Beth said...

love this!
however. i am a tad disgruntled that little miss tamar decided to be born two days before i got there, and this little one is coming two days after i left. not too mention that micheline delivered way too quickly for me to get back across town in time! oh well, guess i'll just have to come back soon :)
miss you guys!

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