Saturday, March 16, 2013

spring break week

only had time for one spring-break family outing, but they seemed pleased...

Fun at the Sugar Cane Musuem
Extra time during Spring Break to unbraid, wash, comb, rebraid hair ...
photo of a photo of an amazing afro

two hours of reading each day - spring break requirement
sleepover with friends
Meanwhile in TX ....
the two big sisters together in Texas this weekend

We didn't take the week off of work for Spring Break but we both got sick and each ended up home in bed a couple of the days, which is not at all to say that our being home meant we spent quality time loving on the little fools of the house. The kids were champs and made their own fun at home and got along well. They enjoy going places but for a week they are quite content to be home-bodies and didn't mind our lack of exciting plans. On Wednesday, in between the rumbles in the Bronx, (bathroom runs) (pun!) we took them to a place near us just to get them out of the house for a bit. The place has implements from sugar cane plantations and artifacts from former rum distilleries.  
Isaac noticed a bus-load of guests arriving at the exact time we did and said "Well, that's unfortuituous." Noah did dramatic reenactments of the possible pitfalls of each step of the process of harvesting sugar and turning it into rum.  

This crew always entertains and makes us laugh. Spring break 2013 may be over Monday morning at 9am, but the fun continues.