Wednesday, March 13, 2013

recent (random) photos & joyful news

I said, "Kids, look sad and I'll send the photo to Dad and tell him we need him to come home."

Try one ... Lydie was too freaky looking...

try two...

Third try ... best effort.

Djenie and Kenny - formerly at Harbor House
They visited yesterday, he turned two last month.

Before the date with Noah for his birthday ... 
Favorite quotes of that night, "Well Mom, you're my first date ever. I guess someday I'll have to tell a girl, Sorry to say it girl, you are not my first date."  Later when Troy called, he said to Troy, "I am with your lady, we're out, you should be jealous."  He wore Troy's cologne for the date. :)

Babies Gloria and Gary - both born this year...

Marie Fusenie and baby Tamar at their post-partum check-up
Paige and her traffic-time reading ...

John turned 60.  Seems like a lot of years of bad hair to me. 

Abigail turned 1 (Jimmy and Becky's baby girl)

Said to the boys: "Hey, we think we found a teacher for this summer"  Isaac said, "Oh really, who?!"  I said, "Her name is Chelsea and she is cute and smart."  
Noah said, "Well, if she is cute I'm gonna have to kiss her."  
Meet cute, smart Chelsea who is coming for six weeks this summer to help make us all sane.