Thursday, December 06, 2007

Baby Updates

The photo above is of Jess and Annie. Jess is caring for Annie in Haiti and is currently volunteering with Maranatha Children's Home. Isaac looked at Annie for a long time this morning. He said, "You mean she is to me like Phoebe is to Hope? The same BIRF-mother?" He might be getting it now. Even if he cannot pronounce "birth" correctly.

Thanks to Leslie Rolling for getting this photo for Matt and Tina yesterday. :) Leslie - we will re-pay you with an Ipod. We're that generous.

Lydia Beth went in for her two month check-up this morning. She is exactly nine weeks old today. She was supposed to get immunizations but because we learned she has an ear infection we need to put that off a couple of weeks. It explains some grouchy behavior over the last many days but she is not running a fever so I had no idea. :( Sad! I feel bad.

Anyway, she is up to 11 lbs and 2 oz and is 22" long. She looks just like her daddy and her big brother. And she has huge biceps.