Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Sale

An EXCELLENT Christmas gift for you spouse...
1999 Chev. Suburban - Good Condition - 134,000 miles
Ignore the previous remarks about large volumes of gas and ground-in french-fries. That was silly nonsense. You are looking at a bargain here people.

(Color is Pewter. Actual price is $7,500)

Time in America is running out, because of that, at this very moment each of our children are on various street corners around town acting as human-advertising, wearing their sandwich board signage. We will be focusing all of our parental energy on rotating around to their multiple posts to feed them high-calorie snacks for energy and give them short breaks to warm-up in the truck. Time once spent blogging is now being spent hydrating the sales-people. Please, Internet friends ... bring these children in out of the cold. Buy a Suburban today.