Sunday, December 16, 2007

Plans or not

Appelez-moi s'il vous plait?

This is the text message that we get ... oh, say .... 25 times a week. The only problem is, if it is Peter, we want to call and check on things. If it is Paige's little buddies ... not so much. The calls to Haiti are adding up so we're keeping the chit chat variety to a minimum these days.

Drama number two started late last week in LaDigue. Calls were made, stress was high, Troy did not allow his head to explode trying to talk through it ... a plus for all of us. He had PLANNED and provided a solution to an issue for his entire three month furlough ... and of course - that plan was not the one anyone adhered to. A very important medicine is now gone and that is causing issues for one poor mentally-ill lady in the village. This is a tough problem to solve from Minnesota. Planning is just so wasted sometimes. I heard someone say - in Haiti, the saying is "CHANGE, subject to plan." Not many things could explain Haiti better than that. Just when you think you've thought through every angle, every possible road-block, every feasible problem ... smack, you learn you're not nearly as smart as you thought you were.

We're loving being here in MN at Christmas time ... it feels wonderful to know that we'll do the traditional things this year. At the same time, we're all getting excited to go back. We're ready. Tess is excited too. Thank God she is coming to help. He provided such a sweet girl at just the right time!

We are done Christmas shopping. WOOT. We intentionally kept it light. I don't know how many hours I stood staring at the Transformers in Wal-Mart, Target or the Toy Store, but it had to be approaching a half of a day. Today we got the big girls the last little thing to even everyone out. Lydia and Phoebe are getting ripped because they do not know the difference. That's the way we roll. "STUFF" was already staring us in the face ... and we were feeling confused dealing with what we already had, no need to add a bunch of junk to that sorting job.

As we are downsizing, selling, and giving things away - We are coming across a few items that might be of interest to someone out there in the blogosphere.
  • A Bianchi Mountain Bike - was originally $1,000 - selling for $325 b/o
  • A Suburban complete with ground in french fries - $7,500 b/o (we will clean out the french fries if you've got a potato allergy)
  • Ancient cross country and down hill ski equipment - make offer

Have a good night!