Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm calling it a year!

Many things define a year. There is much to reflect upon and MUCH to be thankful for. When we look back upon 2007 we will certainly remember the excitement and chaos as two baby girls were added to our family. We'll remember being pregnant in the hottest place on earth. (no research backs up that claim) We'll think of it as a year of huge change. We'll remember it as a year of growth and challenge. The year we got wrinkles.

There were so many amazing things we were blessed to witness, and so many incredible people we were honored to meet. Some of you were among them.

We wish for you a spectacular 2008 filled with God's abundant blessings. May it be a year of many God-sized surprises!

2007 in blog review ...

We learned we were pregnant. In total shock, we laughed and cried and questioned whether or not God knew what He was doing?? Although we waited to share the news, the reaction was evident in the blog posts that followed.

Britt and Noah celebrate birthdays. Desperate for a break, a chance to sit with the news of the pregnancy for a bit, and just breathe- Mom and Dad send us to the D.R. for a week. We fly on an airline that no longer operates - and we know why.

Britt, Paige and Tara came to the USA for a quick college-road-trip. We visit friends/family in IL, IA, IN and NE. Troy proved his fathering prowess by handling four children on his own for two weeks.

A month packed full of stories. The Formula Program is born. Paige jumps in to take over the job. We meet people who change us with their will to live and their courage. I struggle with adoption fears. Britt sees a crazy month of medical stories/cases.

Grandma Porter unexpectedly calls it quits. We fondly recall all she meant to our family. God blessed us when He made her our grandma.

Troy's funeral adventure, along with baby Marcius and Mme Pierre's broken femur make for a full month. This also becomes the month of the rat.

Tara, Kids and Nut Dog leave for USA. We drive across the USA and prepare for baby to arrive. Troy and Phoebe remain in Haiti - they bond. Phoebe learns to walk. A visa is granted for Phoebe to return to MN with Troy.

Family divides for the month. Troy and Phoebe join the rest in MN late month. Troy goes to the hospital for his latest crazy illness. Isaac turns 6.

Lydia Beth Livesay enters the world. Troy fights various skin disorders and Staph infection. Troy travels to Michigan. Britt chooses Baylor University. No one sleeps.

Britt graduates. Celebrate 9 years of marriage. Travel to Nevada. Travel to Texas.
Paige turns 13. Phoebe turns 1.

Travel to Iowa. Hope turns 6. We Plan, dream and scheme about 2008.

Happy New Year Everyone!