Thursday, December 27, 2007

TIP: Get gas when your vehicle suggests it is near empty

If it were not for sheer and utter exhaustion I would tell you all about:

  • Our fun Christmas Day
  • The beginning of the goodbyes that started yesterday
  • The running out of gas on a cold night with a baby in a tow (ggggrrrrrrr)
  • The eight million places we drove today to pick up and drop off furniture
  • The Suburban that is still for sale (gas gauge is working properly- we're sure of it now)
  • The developments in Peanut's future
  • The way Lydia went back from her four hour stretches of night sleep to something much closer to three hours, but not quite three - resulting in my having a mucus-filled head (not quite a MAN cold -- but close)
  • The problems yet unsolved

It has to wait. Because rest must occur first.