Tuesday, December 11, 2007

gift ideas from the most thoughtful ones

I asked Hope what sort of gift we might get her teacher for the last day. She thought about it a moment and said, "Popsicles...or maybe ice cream." I worked hard to get an idea that would not melt in the classroom but she had nothing else to offer.

Later on Hope was gone to a Basketball game with Paige and Britt and I asked Isaac. I said "Isaac, I need ideas for your teacher. What sort of gift could we give her?" He said, "uuuuhhh. How about a note. How about a note with an envelope!" I said, "I am thinking more about a gift, something she would really like. We can put the note AND the envelope with it. Do you know what she likes?"

Isaac replied, "Uuuuuhhhhhhh Uuuuhhhh Hum (long thoughtful pause) she likes chicken! We could get her some chicken! Or maybe pizza."

Would you enjoy receiving a package of chicken breasts, a frozen pizza or a box of popsicles the most?

The emails on the Suburban are just poooouuurrring in... move fast or you'll miss your chance to buy massive quantities of gasoline.