Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hunker Down

In the final 20 days of our time as a complete family here in the States we have made a goal and a conscious effort to run around less. We will see if our resolve is strong enough to make that happen. It seems doubtful, but you've got to have goals.

I had the goal of leaving Iowa with all our belongings, but as it turned out -- that goal was in vain. As we were leaving yesterday my Uncle locked Lydia in the house all alone, I *DID* remember to go back in and get her ... But it turns out that my entire toiletry bag, which is most of what I own to make myself look decent along with my glasses and other things of infinite importance, were all left sitting at their house. We (and by we I mean TROY) also forgot Lydia's prescription in the refrigerator there. I got the third degree from the pharmacist last night when I went to get more Amoxicillin. He seemed to think I was going to use it in my Meth Lab or something. I assured him that we had left the Rx in Iowa and just needed it for our little girl and her ear infection. He looked at me skeptically and said he would "have to call the state." Whatever.

Isaac and Hope will finish up their MN Kindergarten career later this week. The class is having a party for them on Thursday. I hope it will be a happy day for them, I think they will miss going and certainly their teacher in Haiti will not be as sweet as their MN teacher. Sigh.

For some reason Amie Sexton was looking for a picture of a "psychotic caroler" on the Internet. I think mainly because they live in North Carolina and things are just different there ... But when she googled it - this was the result page. I have no idea why. Maybe it is just the word "caroler." We love to sing after all. Certainly the word psychotic does not play into it at all. When I Google "crazed and bizarre southern Nascar fans" I get a photo of the Sexton family. Go figure. Amie uses The Google just like my Dad. Big into the Internet she is. She even knows how to comment on a blog post. We're sending her Dad's certificate instead.

If you know of ANYONE in the Midwest looking for a larger vehicle -- maybe someone who enjoys filling a tank with lots of gas --- please tell them we have a 1999 Suburban that is in very good shape with 133,000 miles on it available for an excelllent price. Have them email for photos and more information.

If this did not have a huge degree of truthfulness to it, we (Britt and Tara) would not find it funny - but it is pretty funny. Enjoy.