Monday, December 17, 2007

a dog story

A short story about a large dog named Peanut ...

Once upon a time a 17 year old girl worked with amazing skill and determinatin to convince two emotionally weak parents that dog should travel 2,700 miles in order to spend a few extra months with her. The parents undoubtedly have serious issues using logic because they agreed.

The Dog flew on little cargo plane to America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Dog rented mini-van and was escorted in luxury Dodge Caravan from Fort Lauderdale to Minneapolis. Dog had no idea the lengths family had gone to in order to show her America.

The dog was really too large for the space that she needed to live in. The family felt stressed by her very existence at times. The 17 year old worked and swam on a swim team a lot so the dog was depressed and sullen. The dog made messes and acted out a time or two. The 17 year old girl was glad she had her dog in America. The parents were not. The dog seemed confused and uncertain.

Fast forward a few months. The dog is preparing to part ways with her 17 year old owner. The 17year old needs to go to college. The dog does not understand it all, but she tries to makes sense of it.

Dog and owner will go their own ways come January 9. A new day is dawning. Dog is receiving grief counseling but preparing well for a future without beloved 17 year old.

The parents who were suckered begin to plan to return dog 2700 miles southeast. Parents would like dog to go back to Haiti with the first person returning. Parents learn that dog will not be allowed to fly even with Vet note unless it is 20 degrees. This is new information to them. Dog is supposed to leave THE COLDEST CITY IN AMERICA AT 6AM IN JANUARY.

January 1 to be exact.

A simple Google search reveals that the average HIGH temp in Jan in MN is 20 degrees. Average low 2 degrees. Chances of dog getting on airplane -- NIL. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.

Dog must find a new home.

Not an option.
Remember: Emotionally weak parents. Love. the. dog. Love. the. 17 year old.
Cannot give dog away.

What now?
Parents do not know. 17 year old does not know. No one knows. Ideas anyone?

The End.