Friday, February 15, 2008

Cast and Crew

If you are a new reader, a little more about us and the people we work with and mention frequently.

Introducing the players:

Troy-The Dad, Husband and Jack of all trades, master of none. He likes to play guitar and sing and he has a good sense of humor. He is described by his children as "the best Dad ever in the whole world." He is generally the most well-liked person in our family ... he is nice, very nice. He blogs on occasion. If given a day to do anything he wanted he would golf - but not all that well. Troy loves working in Haiti and is willing to tell you that it often feels futile. Troy's newest adventure has been beginning to learn some basic dental-procedures in hopes of doing a little dental work in Haiti. His long range goals include dental training.

Tara-The Mom, Wife, assistant to Troy and seasoned butt wiper. She is a distance runner in a place where distance running kind of sucks. If given a day to do anything she would go for a long run, meet a friend for a gigantic cup of coffee, and go out to a fancy dinner with Troy, the cutest guy in all of Haiti...possibly even the greater Antilles. Tara works with Heartline Women's Programs - she is a certified midwife and helps with the various programs at Heartline  Maternity center.

Is 19. She is a big sister, a friend and a funny girl. She speaks Creole so quickly the Haitians tell us she sounds Haitian. Given a day to do anything she wanted she would go horseback riding. She is the only person in the family that spends any time on hair and clothes and looking good. None of us understand it. She is gifted in many ways and blesses us with her servants heart. She is text book TCK (Third Culture Kid) -she now resides in Texas and will be getting married in January 2015.

Is 13. Is beyond happy, he finds everyone wonderful. (Think Buddy the Elf) Most people think he will be some sort of diplomat or a pastor. He is a people person. The official Livesay Family Representative. He was adopted eleven+ years ago and is a source of great joy to his parents. Most people who meet him comment on the joy he exudes. He loves amusement parks. If he meets you, he'll love you too.

Is 12. Is all girl. Was adopted eleven+ years ago. Is most certainly the easiest going and most cooperative child in the family. She is not as chatty as most of the kids but she is always thinking. She loves to dress up, draw, read, sing and dance and watch musicals.

Is 10 and never stops talking. Never.stops. We don't even know how he fits time in to take a breath. He is either an angel or a devil, he seems to think there is no room for anything in the middle. Hugs are his love language. He is incredibly tender and affectionate - just don't make him mad. Hot headed ... or "passionate" depending on who you ask.

Phoebe Joy-
Is 8. She loves her food and has a complex personality. She and Hope share the same first-Mom. She is also incredibly silly ... but also very shy around anyone new. She does not trust most people and dislikes crowds. She might be our most introverted.

Lydia Beth-
Is 7. A surprise baby, born in October 07. Lydie is opinionated. She is either VERY happy or VERY angry. We almost lost her in January 08 (to Meningitis) and have never looked at her quite the same since. She is our ornery little miracle girl! This is the first child to ever send us looking for parenting books at Barnes and Noble --- she was sent to earth to make sure we remember that we know nothing about parenting.

Geronne & Jenny-
Geronne is the glue that holds the entire thing together. Gift. Friend. Helps with all household chores and is a second mama for our kids - she lives with us and is a key reason we ever have the ability to do anything. We love her and think of her as family. Geronne's 15 year old daughter Jenny is an 9th grader and lives with us too.

Peanut & Hazelnut & Chestnut -
Our giant guard dogs that double as our boys' best friends. Chestnut is our tiny dog that makes us miss Paige less.

Britt- (24)
She left Haiti in 2007 she left the cast to further her education at Baylor University. She graduated December 2010 but going on to higher education, currently working on her masters in Public Health. Given a day to do anything we KNOW Britt would chose to hang out with her super fun little brothers and sisters in Ayiti!

Chris - (28)
Britt and Chris got married in January 2009 - That makes him our son-in-law - we feel SO old based on that - yet we're really not terribly old. Chris and Britt live with their two dogs in Waco, Texas.

John and Beth McHoul-
Founders of Heartline Ministries - boss people - friends and mentors - we work with them and their programs and live very near them.
Beth Johnson (KJ) -Midwife at Maternity Center, in Haiti full time
Dawn and John - Heartline Guest House Managers
Jimmy & Becky Burton -
Teachers and amazingly talented ones at that.  They teach five to five Livesay kids each weekday.
Wini - RN - amazing Haitian woman that we are blessed to work with
Nirva - another talented RN at MC
Agathe - acts as a liaison between the cultures - teacher and key part of the programs
Cherline(Andrema) - maybe the most valuable player at Heartline ... incredibly invested in her country and the programs and able to do everything!
Dokte Jen Halverson-
Works with Heartline (and Providence Ministries)- lives with us when she is working in Haiti. We love Jen and enjoy having her in and out of our lives.

There are others ... but these are the folks most often mentioned on the blog.