Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Troy is using this thing called a "birdog" trying to reposition the satellite and get us back in the correct alignment. Today he learned that the birdog is out of date and in order to make it work he would need to download new settings in order to update the birdog. Downloading typically requires decent internet, not just thirty seconds here and thirty seconds there. And *there* is the rub.

In past days I have always tried to get photos to go with my posts and have waited, sometimes hours, to get the dumb thing to post. Highly annoying. The lack of Internet points out our reliance upon it. I personally would give up refrigeration before I would give up Internet.

Today we were given some down time by the team. We spent the time talking and relaxing beachside. It was a wonderful treat and my first four hours away from Lydia in ... oh, like ... forever. It was nice to get away. Thank you Lighthouse team for allowing the mini-getaway.

I think one of the main reasons we SO appreciate this particular group of visitors is that they don't come down expecting to save the world, save Haiti, or even change it. They come open to whatever God has for them ... even if it means nothing tangible or visible happens while they are in Haiti. They come here open to Haiti changing *them*.

On our afternoon off, we vowed not to talk about the kids. We should have vowed not to talk about work and the next few weeks too. We're mostly just warning Jen and Tess about what a fight looks like between T and T --- so when it happens they won't be afraid. It seemed wise to warn them as we enter into many weeks of increased workload and visitors. The fight will happen, it is just a matter of when and where. :) Jen says she will hide when it happens, and Tess says she has seen enough in her 23 years to handle it.

Mom and Dad .... You'll be pleased to know that I told them about your Burger King chicken sandwich fight of 1984. It was an illustration they both enjoyed. I won't share it on the blog, I am saving it for my tell-all book. ;)

We're sending 13 people back to the frozen tundra of the greater Grand Rapids area tomorrow. They will be returning home to you, a little tired, a little sunburned, a little sore, but a lot blessed.

We feel the same way. :)