Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Fat Fat Tuesday

Some have asked why the short, boring blogs of late? Two reasons - 1. lack of internet 2. lack of time and maybe even 3. lack of good attitude .... I am so anti-complaining that if I feel that a post might lean towards complaining .... I figure it is best to skip it.

(I am nervous about the coming weeks and the amount of things that are supposedly going to happen ... and nervous about how it will affect my husband and kids --- lets just say that sometimes the work in Haiti will eat you alive and leave you in a place where you struggle to remember what it was like to talk to your husband or sit down.) Done complaining.

Troy is currently in the driveway arguing with a guy who bailed out on a job before it was done and now refuses to finish unless we pay him more. A contract was signed and he was paid a lot already .... But the whole idea of a contract meaning something seems to be lost on him.

The team continues to work hard and accomplish all sorts of tasks. They are a great group of people that we truly enjoy. They head back to Michigan mid-day tomorrow. Jen and Troy hope to go on a medicine shopping spree and find a bunch of stuff for the clinic. Tess and I plan to feed, change, rock, and entertain the baby brigade.

The price on the SuburDen dropped this week ... if you were tempted before ... it just turned into an even better deal. We can put you in contact with our friend who has it if you're interested. Anyone??????