Thursday, February 28, 2008

photos - or the lack thereof

Sorry the photos have been so few of late. The uploading takes so long that it only allows for one here and one there. Above is a new photo of Annie Grace that Jess took. Annie is in Port until March 6th and Jess is taking care of her again. Tess is missing her and we're both surprised at how much she has changed.
Cute baby you got there, Matt and Tina!!! (I think she looks less like Ike now though, don't you?)
Other things ...
  • Convention starts today
  • Jen has been sewing some wounds and seeing lots of kids in the clinic
  • Team is all doing well and the last 3 people arrive today
  • The weather is really beautiful here now
  • Phoebe had a growth spurt and got a bit taller and thinner ... she still has a temper and seems much more 2 than 16 months - we're waiting for her to lose the temper too.
  • Noah is counting the days until he turns four ... we're inside of the week mark now so it is the non-stop topic of conversation.