Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking myself lost

Today I made an airport run with Lydia. After the airport run we went to hug Beth M, my dear friend, and have very strong and large cups of coffee with her. Lydia enjoys a good cup of joe in the morning too. We had an awesome time visiting with Beth and seeing the new house that will be the headquarters of their Women's Program. I was shocked that John has AIR CONDITIONING in his new office. He claims it is for the computers, but that sounds like a likely story to me. This is the guy who did not let me live it down when I was pregnant with Lydie in July and Troy purchased a one room A/C unit for me. I never heard the end of what a 'jerk-wimp-baby' I was. Look who has joined the cool-kids club now!

After my visit with Beth I got in the truck to head home. Everything seemed fine and I was buzzing right along, when I realized I had been in deep thought and had no earthly idea where I was. This is a problem. Everthing looks alike. To differentiate one cement painted building from another is impossible. I thought about calling Troy but what would I say? "Honey, I am lost. I am by the long long wall with painting and graffiti, on the left and on the right there are ladies selling things, ahead I see more walls of cement, behind me there are ladies selling things and walls of cement. Where am I?"

After about five minutes of a bad, bad tummy ache I figured out where I was by spotting a big Catholic church (an ACTUAL land mark). I was just short of melting down when the church appeared, crisis averted.

Later on I was behind a bus. Suddenly I thought someone was shooting at us, when the front tire on the bus literally exploded into pieces and flew through the air. The fact that a single vehicle makes it anywhere on these roads is.... nothing short of miraculous.

The first wave of the team did arrive safely, the second wave arrives tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!