Monday, February 25, 2008

Linkage & Legalism

Lately I am experiencing "legalism" in new ways. One form of legalism in the religious sense says that I need to act a certain way and speak a certain way in order to be "good" and "acceptable" to God and other Christians. Certainly legalism says that even though you cannot BE good, you must LOOK good.

I don't buy this lie for one second, but lots of folks do. I don't want to fall into a trap of appearing to be something that I am not. Some folks are easily offended and dislike honesty and openness. At times that makes blogging difficult because it asks me to be someone else and to write things that are not necessarily "me" things. It asks me to be dishonest about who I am.

I cannot do that because I am a BAD faker ... but I thought that an old (*she* is not old, but I know her from long ago) junior high friend sort of nailed it ... and I like what she wrote so I am linking to her today.

I would like to suggest that God allows for all sorts of personalities and He loves us and knows our hearts. He created us (not from a cookie cutter) and that means ---He allows many unique ways of expressing our love for Him and for others. I don't think He is nearly as legalistic as some of us.

Not into fake,

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