Friday, July 02, 2010

Cram Session

I am too busy....pacing the floor making phone calls, coordinating deliveries, negotiating land purchases, arranging transportation and home repairs, transferring a truck title, renewing insurance, trying to remember to check supply of dog food-propane-diesel, and wondering what I'm going to forget to take care of.... to write very much right now...

But here are a few quick things:

Yesterday was a usual day in Port au Prince where everything takes twice as long as it should and half of it doesn't get done at all. I had several meetings with people that I had to call off altogether. Traffic problems, communication breakdowns, and all of this city's charms kept us out until well after dark. There were highlights, however - Paige seeing Marjorie's new home and finding land suitable to build some homes on and available for purchase. Rosemond came over to play for a while last night and 'borrow' some of Isaac and Noah's toys. (Don't tell Isaac and Noah - they'll never miss them.)

Today has been better so far - the Brazil vs Netherlands World Cup game kept the streets mostly cleared this morning so it was a lot easier getting around. We split up the vehicles and are all running in different directions today.

I hate to leave - but feel like things are coming together and fairly well organized so a lot of work can continue without being here. I miss this place. I miss these people...but I also miss Tara and the other six  seven beautiful faces (son-in-law included) back in Texas. Have we mentioned that it is hard to be torn between the two places?

This has been a great trip though with a lot accomplished and wonderful relationships strengthened and new friends made and a blessing to be a part of the work God and His people are doing in Haiti.

Gotta go check out the new Heartline land and pay for some other plots this afternoon.
Prayer meeting tonight at church...packing...pacing...and more phone calling. Probably won't blog again from here but stay tuned to the tweets/twits/whatever.