Saturday, July 10, 2010

green that is not green

For several years we've lived where there is not money or a marketplace in which to promote "green" living.  That is not to say that people don't reuse and recycle in Haiti  - they do.  It is just to say that there are not gazillions of dollars being spent to promote green living. It is not hip there.  It is not cool there.  It is not marketed to that population.  That population is trying to survive.

Being in the marketing-mecca of the universe after being in Haiti makes all marketing stand out to us, but especially the ridiculous campaigns. It is highly entertaining, totally laughable, and maybe a little annoying to step back and realize the amount of marketing and money that goes into these silly campaigns that are actually not preserving the earth in any way - shape - or form.

Case in point - This sticker sign -
In a shower at a hotel in Orange, CA :

This shower head:

That's right - the shower you take with only one shower-head suddenly restores the worldAwesome.  

Also, false.