Thursday, July 01, 2010

A new beginning for Marjorie

For those that cannot see the FaceBook album that Jen published, here are a few of the photos from yesterday.  (John did not really use a hammer. Totally staged photo, for sure.)

Troy will give a better account of where the houses are going once he has time ... we have some going to Petit Goave, some to Cazale, some to Leogane, some up the mountain above Petionville, and some yet to be determined. The process will take some time and we hope to be able to follow up with as many of the families as we can so you can see where your dollars went.

This house is for Marjorie, a 24 year old single woman.  I remember the day I met Marjorie.  Dokte Jen had asked me to help her go get a few patients from the tennis-court hospital being operated by a UK group called Merlin.  Marjorie was one of the saddest people I had met. She cried the entire ride to Heartline and once there she sat totally alone, dejected and depressed.  She had lost her left hand in the EQ, had a giant gash on her head, and significant damage to her right leg. Honestly, she seemed without hope.  It was obvious watching her that she had no desire to be alive and was deep in depression/mourning.  After I dropped her and Jen to the hospital I got back in my truck and cried.  I could not blame Marjorie for hating life and I felt totally helpless to cheer her up.  Of all the patients I met during those first weeks after the EQ, Marjorie was the one that I thought about most.  When I returned to Haiti in March I met a different young woman; she had begun the long process of healing.

Over the many weeks since the day she moved to Heartline Marjorie has made friends, experienced some physical and emotional healing and has begun to smile and enjoy life again.  In the weeks ahead she will move into this house and be fitted for a prosthetic hand.  Please pray for Marjorie when she comes to mind.  She has inspired so many of us with her graceful healing and brave spirit. She has overcome much, and will overcome more.

We're thankful that God allowed us to meet her and learn from her.