Monday, July 12, 2010

Sis Mwa

Six months have passed. I was going to try to avoid doing the obligatory six-months-after post.  But all day long I thought about people I love in Haiti.  I thought about their situation. I thought about their pain. And I changed my mind.

I know the problems are endless and the needs are great.  I know the mountains are large.  People are suffering.  Things seem not to improve. It feels almost insurmountable.

But I also know ...

As the love of Christ compels us, we must recognize that He gave us all hands, hearts, and gifts that are even more endless.  We must believe that our ability to advocate for others is great. We cannot turn away from what hurts us to see. We cannot give up on things that frustrate us. He is bigger and more able than we know - if we all respond with His generous love - things will change.  I believe it.

Please pray for Haiti today. 

Tap-Tap reads: Christ est la response - Christ is the answer