Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Lovin'

a planned and very intentional afternoon of summer fun:

  • went to Y and worked out - troy did "body toning for women" with tara to prove his love
  • left Y to pick up noah from school
  • ate pizza in a parking lot - because - why not?!
  • went to water park - taught one 47" child that if you wear shoes with a heel when you enter the park you will be tall enough to ride the big slide 
  • immediately recognized our tendency to teach that rules are made to be pushed/questioned/broken - thinking that might possibly come back to bite us in the butt one day - but for today, noah rode slides and we were heroes -woohoo
  • lifeguard moving at the speed of light scooped lydie up into his arms to warn her against her plan to walk into the water at a deep spot - she never forgave him for telling her what to do
  • bought starburst candy and 7Up to ply the two youngest for a while so we could sit in the shade - later isaac came asking for starburst - when asked how he even knew we had them? - he answered, "I smelled them on the girls' breath"
  • as we left the park we trailed behind isaac who waved goodbye and said farewells to people by name all throughout the park - adults and children alike waved to him as if they were old friends - to one guy he said "alright, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya."  I asked him later if I had heard him say that?  He said "Yeah, I wouldn't wanna be that guy he seemed like he was on drugs"
  • loaded five exhausted children into the truck - expertly handled delirium and meltdowns and tucked all into bed moments ago 
  • recognizing the gift of this time to play and enjoy these America things with our tribe - so much fun!