Friday, July 02, 2010

Little (cave)Men

Remember these highly advanced, well-rounded little men we're raising? 
(Lydia and Phoebe, on the other hand, neither well-rounded nor highly advanced.)

On the way home from school the littler one described in detail all of the places he had "fawted" at school. (Multiple locations throughout the church building were listed. The hallways, classrooms, and even the chapel had been decimated by his gaseous emissions.)  I asked him how the other kids felt about that and he said, "They nev-ah knew it was me. I planned it out too good." 

When we got to Isaac they sat at the table chatting about how much they love hanging out together and having a brother that doubles as a best friend. Isaac admitted that he hates that Noah leaves for pre-school a couple days a week. It was super cute to listen to them planning to grow up and live next door to each-other.

I said, "I hope the gals you marry like each other too so you can hang out a lot." Isaac, said, "You know what, if our wives don't like each other we'll just leave them home with the kids to clean and go out to the movies together and maybe for dinner too." Noah chimed in, "Yeah! My wife can stay home!"

Troy?  Please come back and set these guys straight.


When I chatted with Troy briefly last night he had big plans to fill us in on his day. But the chat got pretty one-sided when he began falling asleep sitting at his keyboard "talking" to me. The ambitious plan to blog died along with our conversation.  We are hoping and praying today is productive.  There was a good chance he and John were going to go buy some land for about six houses.  :)

The count-down for Daddy/Paige to return has begun in earnest in Waco, TX.