Saturday, July 17, 2010


The way the internet has changed mission work cannot be quantified.  Fifty years ago anyone working abroad that wanted to tell the donor/support team about a special need had to write a letter and wait weeks for it to be delivered. Sometimes they could choose to make a very expensive phone call.  
Today, a tweet is tweeted (?) a blog post is published, a facebook status pleads: "Please pray for X Y and Z" - and within minutes the request is zinging all over the internet and everyone is in the know.  Sometimes it kind of freaks me out to think about the number of people all over the world that can plug into a single persons prayer need and know specifically of a situation thousands of miles away.  If one thing blew our minds after the earthquake - it was the connectedness we felt to the prayers of the world. A few years ago we shared a need for a hip surgery for a woman that had fallen in the village we were living. Ten hours later the surgery was covered. The donors were able to follow the story of the woman having surgery and see her walking a few months later.  In the past few months you guys have given to real needs that are now being met and we'll be able to show you many more finished projects before too long. It is all so very good. We desire accountability and thank you for caring to see your gifts put to good use.  An updates on the 20+ houses that are in process and the 20 still to be designated/assigned is coming soon.