Tuesday, September 14, 2010

counting down

the gentlemen
the ladies

Isaac's birthday is this weekend.  Today on the way home from school he said, "I sure am going to miss being eight. Wow! (long pause) But at least I will have my memories."   I am hoping to do a quick year in review interview video to find out what it is he'll miss about being eight.

We're busy scheming to give him something to remember.  His last birthday with all of us together was his 5th birthday in Haiti. On his 6th birthday the kids and I were in the U.S. staying at my sister's house, waiting and getting ready to have Lydia. Troy was two weeks from coming to join us.

On his 7th and 8th birthdays Troy was speaking in Michigan and Britt had moved to Waco. I recall that last year we had no cheese for the birthday pizza (cheese is not something you find easily in Port au Prince) so I melted processed cheese squares on the pizza. It was thoroughly disgusting.  We did what we could and don't have massive amounts of guilt about it;  truthfully he has had some totally lame birthdays. This year is not going to be lame. We are cooking up something good for our family's number one encourager, elected ambassador of good-will, and almost nine year old.