Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Winnie

Written by: Gwo Cheve John

Winnie came to our gate a few days after Heartline opened up its clinic to treat those injured in the earth quake.  She said that she was a nurse and wanted to know if we could use her help.  I told her that we would give her a try but I didn't have money to pay her.  She said that it didn't matter, and that all she wanted to do was help.  So the next day Winnie came to the clinic and by the end of the day some of the American medical personnel that had come to help came to me and told me that they were impressed with the quality of the care that she gave to the patients. 

It was just a few days later that I sat down with Winnie and offered a job, a full-time position at the Heartline Field Hospital, which would probably be closing in several weeks, or so I thought.  I knew hiring Winnie would be good thing when she told me that she would like the job but she first had a commitment to another organization that she worked with when they came into Haiti every few months.  This was her only job and it was for about 10 days every three months.  Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising but she wouldn't just ditch the other group for Heartline.  She said that she had to keep her word and commitment.  I was glad to hear this as I thought if she would ditch them then the day would come when she would ditch us.  And truthfully, I wouldn't have hired her if she hadn't kept her commitment to the other group.

She has been a blessing to us and especially to the patients in the hospital.  She also has been involved in the maternity center and even today she is teaching the lesson to the ladies. 

Winnie recently was asked by the other organization that she works with, and who specialize in operating on cleft palates and lips, if she would be willing to travel to Egypt with them.  They would pay for all expenses but she of course would need a US visa so that she can transit through the States.

Well two weeks ago she received her visa and Winnie, on Monday, will be leaving Haiti for her trip to Egypt.

We at Heartline are thrilled for Winnie as she has this  opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in Egypt.  Please remember to pray for Winnie over the next three weeks that she will be away.