Friday, September 10, 2010

Links for Friday

In the last three months the posts written by Amie Sexton on trans-racial adoption were the most visited posts of the summer.  If you missed them you can find links to all three here.
A Vision Test

If you want to see a beautiful work happening in North Carolina - check out their honest and open one year anniversary post.


Phoebe had her surgery yesterday. The Doctor felt like it went very well and said on Monday he'll be able to tell us if he accomplished his goal.  Phoebe decided to call-it-in Thursday and slept most of 24 hours post-surgery. The post-op nurse really wanted her to wake up before allowing us to leave.  Phoebe made it clear that she had no-such-plan. She got pretty ticked off at the questions the nurse was asking and let us know that she was not interested in speaking or opening her eyes.

We convinced her to get up out of bed one time at about 3pm yesterday. She ate french fries with her eyes closed and commanded "mo ketchup - dip it a-gin".  We guided a plate of ketchup and fries to her mouth. Once she was finished she went back to bed and only woke for a little bit around 7pm.  This morning we finally convinced her to open her eyes. 

She is now sitting with one eye open watching TV. Her left eye seems to be more painful as she is choosing to keep a cold compress there and not using it yet.  We're anxious to hear what the Dr. thinks on Monday. The total healing takes six weeks but if they don't like the  immediate results they can more easily go back and tweak things within seven days,  We saw again yesterday that deep built-in strength and toughness of Haitian people.  After the earthquake the expats called it, "Haitian up"  -or- get tough. She could have spent the whole day moaning (like the rest of us would have) but instead she hunkered down and gutted out the pain - she is one tough cookie.  Thank you so much for praying for our little cookie.