Monday, September 20, 2010

hay-uh, hospitals, help

the situation as of 9.20.10

Beth sent this of John photo from yesterday.  She didn't actually SAY this ... but I know it is a cry for help.  John now has about three times as much hay-uh as Beth does. 

Beth needs us!

I'm hoping you had the chance to read about Rosemond in the previous post.  The care that Dr. Jen and so many others gave Rosemeond is unique in Haiti. When they could not give him the very best, they found ways to connect him to the very best. The advocacy work to get him to the people that could help him is more than half of the whole picture that led to his healing.

Often times in Haiti the care might be available but to navigate the system is not something most folks can do without a little help.  It is difficult for a poor population to even know what might be available. We've seen that sometimes you can stand in line all day waiting to be seen at a specialty "clinic", only to get turned away because they are overwhelmed with need. The patient has to be prepared to fight in order to get care. In the broken  "system Ayisyen" - the advocacy piece is huge.

This is the level of care and concern that each patient will someday receive at the Heartline Hospital. When Dr. Jen and the medical staff cannot fully serve a patient they will work hard to find someone that can.

We are so excited to build a hospital.  We're even more excited that you are along for the ride and helping us do it!  Thank you!