Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things we learned this week...

  1. All the experts that write books about potty training are wrong.  Candy is a good motivator for potty training.  I waited a year to try it because I believed the experts about what a bad idea it is and I request that they send me $1,012.50 for the diapers I bought unnecessarily. As we approach their 3rd and 4th  birthdays something had to give.
  2. Fact: Candy is way cheaper than diapers.
  3. Being in the bathroom eighteen times a day with the candy stash increases the caloric intake of the parents enough that there will be noticeable weight gain.
  4. Fixing brakes on a heavy Suburban is not an optional repair.  Trust us.
  5. Getting a "free" carwash after a $700 truck-repair is not really getting it free. They're lying to you.
  6. People really love matching offers - proving that they give out of their goodness AND out of wanting more bang for their buck.  {$1,000 given and $1,000 matched and 66% of goal. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!}
We are doing a study on the link between candy consumption and childhood obesity.  We'll share our results soon. ;)