Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today we opted for "family church".  This simply means that getting everyone out the door to an actual off-site church location was more than we could pull off.  Instead we got donuts and met in the family room for Daddy to lead us in a time of wuuh-sip and reading and prayer.  The way Noah says wuuh-sip makes us happy.

In theory family church is a fabulous idea. I mean, what is better than bringing the teaching to the level of your children and singing and praying together as a family? So sweet.

No. In practice it is a joke. Somehow the spirit of worship (wuuh sip) and the prayers are not so moving when interrupted by fighting toddlers and pouting highly distracted Noah. He got mad because we did not sing the song he wanted fuw-st. At times it was comical so I grabbed a pen to take notes. If you wanted a sermon today, you already went to hear one, so I won't give you the whole thing with context- just the highlights.

Troy said:
"The devil has plans to try to trip us up and he loves to see us upset, fearful and angry."

Noah angrily said:
"Yeah - and it is working on me!"

Isaac said:
"Daddy,  you should be a Pastor, you're good at teaching God-y things."

While we were praying and I prayed for Lydia she yelled, "No, not!"  (The devil's plan is working on her too.)  Phoebe had to be removed from the room for a time-out midway through.

Hope did a beautiful job of explaining why she thought we should not be fearful during the portion where we talked about fear.  :)

Paige patiently participated with an occasional eye-roll at the people she is forced to live with and call family.

When we were finished with what ended up being a long "service" due to breaking up fights and multiple issues with attention deficit disorders, Isaac asked if they could be given a memory verse. Troy said, "Sure, if you want."  Isaac suggested they memorize this verse - "Don't be rude to God's nature." He could not come up with the reference. You'll have to google it.