Thursday, April 07, 2011

36 Hours to Love ....

Ready. Set. Go.

At 8:30 am on 4-7-2011 we begin 36 hours of Giving and Loving our friends at Real Hope for Haiti.

Job at RHFH on Thursday
Until 8:30 pm on 4-8-2011 you will be given an opportunity to Chip-in to the "Love/Give Fest" being hosted here. 

Real Hope for Haiti is a small organization doing HUGE things in Haiti. They have been doing these things for close to 15 years. Their Cholera treatment center has been described by a visiting Doctor as "Setting the standard for others" and "Amazing and well organized".

Yesterday Lori wrote and said,

"Cholera back up for the past week.  20 tonight.  Had 30 one day during the
day, sent some home since we only have 25 beds, came back next AM.  Most
are coming from one village - far - being carried on doors, unconscious."

Lori is who we went to last week when Paige needed her eye opened and drained.

Lori is who we brought Dalonne and Job to see on Tuesday. Lori took time out of her busy day to report to us on Dalonne and Job. (Please keep praying for them.)  She reported last night and said:

"She seems very concerned about him to the point of tears yesterday, yet still keeps saying she cannot stay the full 10 days to take the full dose of meds.  She worries that the bonnet is so straight on his head at all times, but won't breastfeed consistently.  Lots of contradictory statements.  I think that she is confused and lacks confidence.  This will improve with time, but I'm hoping that sending a lot of people to see her (that all are saying the same thing) will convince her and encourage her.  It's not a physical problem that she doesn't have milk, she just doesn't want to feed him.  She doesn't want to give that much of herself to him.  It's like she's guarding her heart.  She's losing the freedom of no children.  She's feeling the responsibility of being a mom and caregiver.  She probably doesn't feel like she can love Job with all that she's got until she sees that he won't die.  She's scared of that hurt and possible loss. It's a lot of different emotions to handle and sort through.  I'm sure that she's got other stresses pulling her at home too.  The sacrifice of a mother for her child is such a beautiful love, but scary for some. We'll be praying for her here too - surrendering her will to God, surrendering her breast for her baby to eat, and surrendering her time & life to me a mom.  I don't pretend to know her after only one day, but this is what I'm picking up from her.  I'll try to get a couple ladies to stop by and sing and pray with her tomorrow."

Heartline and those that work with Heartline are grateful for support and we need donations and gifts to do what we do ... But we also know that God is big and we don't ever need to be worried or only thinking of ourselves. We trust that God will fund and provide for every good work and we know our friends are doing good work.

We are humbly asking that everyone who can --- Please give generously and tell others.

How much money can we raise together in the next 36 hours? How much can we give back to an organization that continually gives to us and to Haiti? 

Perhaps you can skip lunch today and donate your lunch money. Maybe you can take what you plan to spend to go out with friends this weekend and instead donate it to help the fight against Cholera. We are planning to match the first $500 to cover the time and energy that Lori gave for Paige last Wednesday.  

(All donations given at the Chip-In meter above go directly to RHFH's Paypal account. RHFH is a Registered 501c3.)

Love/Give FEST starts now. 

Give. Share. Spread the word. Ready. Set. Go.