Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here but is RISEN" 
Luke 24 v5.
Livesay kids on Easter Sunday morning
Harbor House Mamas on Easter Sunday Morning

Coloring Eggs Saturday

Jobens 1st Birthday Celebration Sunday night

Weekend Report:
The weekend is not technically over because the kids don't go back to school until Tuesday. We're excited about that and love the extra time together. We have fun plans with the Hendricks tomorrow night.

Today we went to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  After church we went to John and Beth's for an amazing dinner and the kids got to have an egg hunt. Right before dark we went to celebrate Sergline and Jobens and his 1st Birthday.

Jonna shared the story of his birth and we all got to tell Sergline how happy we are that she was strong and brave and endured the pain of her earthquake (arm) injury until Jobens was born and she could have surgery without risking his health.  He is walking now and is a truck of a boy. He is such a happy kid and she is a great mom.  These milestones are special to all of us.

2006 Easter
A little while ago I went back to the archives to see what we did on our very first Easter in Haiti.  I couldn't come up with the answer on my own.  I needed to cheat.  Because we moved here in January that Easter was our first holiday away from family and the traditions of "home".  It felt weird to us. We were a lot smaller family then.  (Britt and Paige were gone. Phoebe and Lydia were but a mere twinkle(s) in their daddy's eye.) 

It is not at all that we don't miss the opportunities to see our families and spend a special day with them, of course we do! But this year there wasn't an ache like there was that first year.  This has become what feels like a "normal" Easter to us.

Super sweaty, dusty, bumpy, humid Easter - is where it's at. 

Phoebe & Lydia high on sugar
Hayden H. and Hope
Beautiful and precious memories are being made here. Where empty places were, His good gifts and so much grace has filled them. We're blessed with a community of people willing to redefine and broaden the definition of family and help us create special days like today. We're headed to bed tonight with full tummies and even fuller hearts.  Happy Easter.

He is Risen!