Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anticipation building ...

Since 2002 we have never had the youngest  family member in our house hit three and a half years of age  ... always another family member was added before the three year mark.  Noah came before Isaac and Hope were three.  Phoebe came before Noah was three.  Lydia came within 11 months of Phoebe.

Lydie slowed us down. Of course we've always held to the promise that Lydia is the child sent to stop us, to humble us, to complete our family ... to be the grand challenging finale.

But, wouldn't you know it - She turned 3.5 in April and we've got an itch.

Announcement: We're expecting a new family member soon!

Below is Annie, a very pregnant Mastiff due to deliver in early May. One of her puppies will become a little Livesay. We're adopting again!

Did you seriously think we were pregnant?  Come on. Only the dogs around here have time and energy for that sort of funny business.