Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun Prenatal Day Photos (our favorite day of the week)

Thursday Prenatal Ladies

John and Beth (and Dolly)


Jonna & Ylna

Heather & Agathe & Anna



Classroom time


Heather & Nocelia
Tara & Nathalie

It is safe to say that for most of us Thursday is our favorite day of the week.  We love time with this fun bunch of courageous women.  Our prenatal program currently has 24 women in it. Our space in this building limits us to this number. As women deliver new women are allowed to enter. Our desire is to know each woman well, we keep the program smaller in order to build relationships and in order to offer great care. 

Some day in the future we hope to grow this program to the new land Heartline purchased, basically twinning the program at another location.

Heather & Mirlene
If you live near Franklin, TN and have an interest in learning more - there is an event going on May 9th to benefit Heartline - and specifically our dream of a new (2nd) maternity center - please see this link. 

To preemptively answer your burning questions:  Yes, John always looks that well dressed and amazing. And no, he is not allowed to speak inside of the Maternity Center House.