Tuesday, April 26, 2011

double date

Hors d'oeuvres on double date night

There are a number of things that rarely happen for parents of many that are raising their children in the developing world.

In an effort to keep this short, I'll only name four. 

(A random sampling.)

1. grabbing fast food for the kids in a pinch
2. romantic situations that might lead to uninterrupted "business time"
3. date night
4. making a date plan and executing exact date plan

Some of the above have to do with multiple children, some have to do with the developing world. I'm guessing you can deduce which category each of the four things fall under. (Clue: #2 has been a problem since the third child came along, no matter what country we are dwelling.)

Truly, you cannot be a lazy parent very easily.  There is no ordering pizza to be delivered when Mom had a bad day.  Forget about Dad swinging through the drive through for chicken nuggets for the kids so he can take Mom out for a movie and dessert. That fact is you actually have to feed your kids food you prepare. Lard parenting not allowed.

Last night we made a plan to meet up with Heather and Aaron by 4:30 so we could go have an early dinner date and get our kids home to bed at a decent time.  Paige, master of all baby-sitting, was set to watch the kids while we went out.  She is saving money to buy a phone and has been begging for money making opportunities. We were happy to oblige.

Early into the gig she texted to assure us of how awesome and capable she is :
We got to the restaurant shortly after 5pm.  They didn't open till 6.  Not to be deterred by a crook in our plan, we went shopping for produce on the street.

Romance filled the air as the produce ladies swarmed to sell the guys their goods. Aaron bought Heather some lovely cantaloupes.  Troy bought me four avocados.

Next we went to the big fancy grocery store. I was the only one who had never been there. We walked the aisles unencumbered and joy-filled as we chatted about the choices the store has to offer and enjoyed the moments where no child was asking for water, juice, a snack, or a butt wiping.

We had all planned on early dinner and were definitely hungry. We enjoyed our appetizers in the grocery store. Heather and Aaron chose Scooby Doo graham crackers. Troy and I went with a handful of Pringles.  (Check out the guy on the left in the top photo that hates the dumb white people for taking photos in the grocery store. I don't blame him.  What a disgrace.)

After an hour was eaten up by the always romantic florescently lit grocery shopping experience, we headed to our original destination to engage in adult conversation in a tranquil environment where delicious food was being served.

If this photo had turned out you would see four incredibly chill and delighted people. We were so relaxed that others observing our carefree, jovial conversation over dinner would never guess 10 children awaited our return.  That is double date night success!