Monday, August 01, 2011

Mad Libs Weekend Edition

Two_ ___ in ______.
     noun    noun   
  (choose your own or take a guess at ours)

The weekend was beyond good. In a period of forty eight hours a lot of life happened. Some of it was quite bizarre.

To sum it up (in alphabetical order) it was like this:
  1. birthday, 
  2. births, 
  3. celebrations, 
  4. church, 
  5. food/friends, 
  6. gross cocktail 
  7. luncheon, 
  8. mastiff, 
  9. paint, 
  10. rat, 
  11. school, 
  12. sleep-deprivation, 
  13. swimming, 
  14. worship, 
  15. Wyclef

We bought ______ for the _______ . There were two ________ and three _______   __________.  There was a _________ that went __________ because a ______ forced the issue.   After a _________ there was a ____________ sighting.  We went to __________ to  _________ and attended a ________ with good _________.  The ______________ eventually made for free flowing tears.

First person to get all 15 right wins a copy of : Rocks In The Sun

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Erin wins! She got it first.  Erin email me your address at and we'll send the book ~ Our Mad Libs are too easy?   

Not in the order that things took place ... but in the order of the MadLib above:

Late Friday afternoon we bought paint for the school. They were open at 4:30 as they said they would be. They carried paint like a paint store should. They had what was needed to tint the paint four different colors. They had working computers to ring it up.  They answered our questions about satin vs. flat.  We walked in, made choices, ordered paint, walked out. Exactly as planned.  It totally freaked us out that it just happened on try number one.  Just like that. It was an all together out of the ordinary buying event for Haiti.

Over the course of the weekend there were two births and three birthday celebrations.  The first celebration was after we bought paint so easily and quickly we went on a Friday night Petionville date sans kids. The second celebration was with our kids on Saturday at dinner time. (photos in previous post) The third was hosted by sleep-deprived Beth and was a combination good-bye party for David as he is leaving Haiti and birthday party for me on Sunday. 

There was a rat that went swimming because a Mastiff forced the issue. I had just walked in early Sunday morning after staying at the Maternity center all night. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a gray blur dropping from the air into the swimming pool.  Three screaming little girls came around the corner all talking and telling their stories at once.  Peanut had chased a rat all around the back yard, into the front, and the only choice the rat was given was to die in Peanuts jaws or to become airborne and fly through the narrow rails surrounding the pool and into the water.  After a short swim the rat sat still on the far ledge trying to make an escape plan. Peanut stood watch. Eventually Hope harassed the rat enough with a high powered squirt gun that it made a run for its life and exited the safety of the chlorinated pool and ran out the front gate and down the street waving his tiny little paws in victory. Hope vehemently declared, "I will never swim in that pool again."

After a gross cocktail there was a Wyclef sighting.  When we went on our date after the successful paint buying experience we decided to go to one place to get a drink and go to dinner at another place afterward. It was early and we were feeling pompy. The drinks we ordered were horrifically strong causing us both to shudder in disgust. But we drank them anyway. We're conditioned not to complain about product or service. After we left and were almost to the next stop we realized I left my purse hanging on my chair. (Directly related to the strength of the drink?  Possibly.) The panic of the consequence of losing all that was in my purse pushed us quickly back up the mountain to the hotel. Thankfully the purse and all its contents were sitting untouched. Bolstered by so much good fortune, we again headed to dinner at the second location. Part way through dinner I went to use the ladies room and spotted Wyclef Jean getting ready to leave the restaurant. I marveled at his poor fashion sense and hurried to get back to the table to tell Troy before I missed my chance. Troy gave Wyclef a friendly up-nod and we proceeded to text Paige to taunt her with what she missed.

Sunday we went to church to worship and attended a luncheon with good food/friends

There were two Heartline Prenatal Program ladies that gave birth. The first started in the night between Friday and Saturday. (Beth and Jonna worked most of the night and into the morning Saturday with a non-so-super-compliant teen Mom named Idonie). The second birth started late afternoon Saturday and went into Sunday morning. I did labor watch for Nathalie who was incredibly stoic and strong. I woke Beth and Jonna up 40 minutes before delivery time. Her birth was lovely and uneventful.  Idonie had a healthy girl, Nathalie had a healthy boy. :)

I decided I didn't want to sleep and miss church and lunch, I caked makeup on to hide the dark under-eye circles and headed up the hill to Port au Prince Fellowship. Eventually the sleep-deprivation made for free flowing tears. Troy and Paige mocked mercilessly.  I took half an Ambien and went to bed. 

That concludes this Mad-Lib edition and the condensed version of the 48 hour weekend that was.