Monday, August 29, 2011

true story: a hiding place in tough times

God is good, a hiding place in tough times. 
He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, 
No matter how desperate the trouble. 

Nahum 1:7
(The Message)

Phoebe 2007

P and P ~  February 2007

Monday Updates:

  • Baby Miles (born last Thursday) will stay in the hospital and on antibiotics. He is doing better today. His mom and dad are so tired. (As you can imagine).  Prayers for strength and pockets of rest while they see his treatment through to completion are very appreciated..
  • Troy is done with Malaria meds but tires easily. He claimed he was exhausted and heading home at noon but I've not seen him yet. He rallies when required. Thankfully there don't seem to be more rats for him to destroy. :)
  • Alloune has settled in at Harbor House and a new person is beginning to emerge. All 8 teen moms are doing really well right now.  The three pregnant moms are gaining weight well and staying healthy as their due dates approach.
  • A few deliveries coming up at the Maternity program ... one young woman named Leanise had to be referred elsewhere due to Sickle Cell Anemia, she gave birth in a hospital on Saturday. All is well today.  Troy's girlfriend Mirlande is due any day.
  • The school is getting close to completion and our kids and tutors plan to begin the school year a week from today on September 5th. Anticipation is building.
  • Moses continues to grow in size and responsiveness. He will now put weight on his legs. It is amazing to see how fast he is learning things.  We think one day he will sit up and walk and skip and run. We're asking God for that for him.  We are working on one lead that may allow him the possibility of a family (adoption) but it is too soon to share more than that right now.  Please keep praying for God to provide for sweet Moses.  He is here with us. Sometimes we do great with it and sometimes we feel the heaviness of it ... but God is showing up and we trust He will continue to do so until the answers to all the Moses questions come to us.
  • Paige tested positive for Malaria today after a bad night  last night.  :( She has started Malaria meds already.  My cell phone rang at about 1:00am - Paige said,  "Mom, I threw up." I went down and got her room cleaned back up and started laundry and asked Troy to take Moses to our bed. After she was all showered and back in bed I went upstairs and as I laid in bed praying for her I got a text from her that said:

  • I laid there a long time thinking about all the things God has taught me through my kids (and the kids we've had live with us over the years) ...   He has certainly used Paige to teach us how to be more giving.  A barfing teenager offering to take care of a two year old?  What tha?  I assured Paige we could handle him (despite how incapable we must seem to her).  ;)  I feel horrible for Paige. She has really had a rough go this last month.  Besides wishing it wasn't her with Malaria, I'd like to wrap her in toilet paper and cover that with bubble wrap and set her inside of a bouncy house and then place the bouncy house in paradise and lock her away from germs and harm forever. Sick kids in Haiti is always something that jacks with my head. I believe God led us to this country and has us here now and I have to remind myself of that all day while I struggle feeling guilty about her Haiti-related illness. It's dumb and helps nothing - but I excel at dumb.
  • Isaac is complaining of headaches.  His Malaria test came back negative today. I am watching him like a hawk.   I apparently completely jinxed us a few posts back when I mentioned that 2011 had been Malaria free.  See, what did I say? Excelling at dumb.
In conclusion ....  I am thankful for my hiding place. 
God is good, a hiding place in tough times. 
He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, 
No matter how desperate the trouble.