Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting ready ...

colors going inside the schoolhouse

The boys and I spent a few hours at the land today. We got the big classroom done. We have a hallway, bathroom, and two smaller classrooms left to paint.  If Troy is the electricity nazi, John is the painting nazi.  By looking at that hair and clothing one would not be able to tell that he has quite the inner perfectionist buried deep inside - at least when it comes to painting anyway.

The hallway and bathroom and closet/storage area will be taupe, one classroom blue, the other one yellow.)  We're so grateful that God provided us an awesome building (thank you H and G!) and uber smart/experienced teachers too.  He is good like that.

Dr. Versatile Jen arrived safely - and just in time to drain a painful little abscess on Paige's arm tomorrow. (How is that for excellent timing??) At Hope's request, she also came prepared to pierce Hope's ears.  She's a Doctor that doubles as a cosmetologist, veterinarian, and many other things she was not trained to do -  but excels at anyway. 

Please pray Moses gets placed in the perfect spot tomorrow.