Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rat saga part II

So many pretty intense things have been going on since Thursday that it is too overwhelming to process it all in writing ....   the high point was the birth of baby Miles late on Thursday to our friends Jared and Jalayne. Being in the room to see him born was beautiful.  One of the top moments of 2011 for me.

The stressful and low points are kind of numerous and I don't feel like complaining about it so I'll just say that between Friday and Saturday there has been enough stress for a month. Troy has Malaria. Jared and Jalayne's baby is now hospitalized with an infection. (Please pray for baby Miles to heal on antibiotics.)

Outside of those two more serious things, the list of crap going wrong is truly comical. 

I will be able to write about the comical stuff that went wrong today (Saturday) later.  For now, this (video below) is Jen and Paige's second attempt at catching the rat (blogged about the first attempt with our bugspray last Sunday night).  This video is Friday night around 9pm.  

I am happy to report that shortly after midnight (an hour ago) the rat finally died under a shovel in Phoebe Hope and Lydia's bedroom.  That was after Jen and Paige and Evan all gave it a shot last night and/or today. Holy cow was that a sneaky evil smart rat.

Facebook Status for tonight read:  "Time of Death - 12:11am 8/28/11 Rat met his maker at the hands of  Troy Livesay and Geronne and Jen .... Tara and Paige get the assist for standing outside the room listening to the horrible sounds of death.  Bourgeois rat had two homes. One in the north (upstairs drawer) and one in the south (bottom of oven). Sick out. It ran ON Jen's foot tonight. Touched her bare foot. Screaming woke up sick Troy -- he got a shovel, we chased it upstairs (not actually part of the plan) and decided it was in the dresser. Moved sleeping kids out of the room. Shut doors. DID BATTLE WITH RAT. The end."

The full detailed and final installment of the rat saga coming soon ....