Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday in Photos

5am wakeup call - 6am nap
We stayed up way too late Tuesday night larding with our Minnesota friends. (They are technically the original lards.  We just skated in and earned our lard badge off of their good graces.)  It is always so good to steal moments with them when possible.  Friendships that remain close over many miles aren't always uncomplicated, but they are always deep.  

Today we sent Moses to the Maternity center where Cherline watched him all day.  Paige left to go translate for a medical clinic.  Her arm abscess draining went well last night.  Jen has her loaded up on meds and she is already improving.

Thanks to all for the suggestions of places for Moses to possibly go. We began following up on those leads in case the government choice doesn't work out or doesn't happen.  At this point we are instructed to call them again tomorrow to see if they have a place (of their choosing).  We'll choose ourselves if they don't follow through soon.  Speed and efficiency are not special skills that most government agencies ever perfect ... or exhibit even a tiny bit.  Maybe it is their way of making us all feel better about ourselves. All things being relative ...  Look at us! We're awesome. We're organized.

We took all the kids to the land ...

walking toward new building on new land

The MK Education Center ( because school is for suckers)

MKs posing

more posing of said MKs

MKs plotting against establishment (see land on right!)
Eventually this land will be home to the sewing school, a maternity center, some housing, and more. For now it is home to the Heartline MK educational center and it will also be home to Jimmy and Becky.  Once the Hendrick's house is done they will move there too.   We'll be renting for another year (maybe more) ... Actually, we pay rent for the year each August and the painful day where we question God's economy and financial planning wisdom is about to roll around again. Our landlord loves this day.

A few other hours of today were spent in traffic.  We saw a man with a really cool looking marionette puppet while we sat forever-in-a-day still in traffic.  That was entertaining. The Hendrick boys told jokes to Isaac who takes everything literally and asks for explanation thusly ruining the jokes.
Tonight we hastily tossed together a couple of cakes and went over to the Harbor House to celebrate the 18th Birthdays of Lourde Milla (due in October) and Joanne (mom to Ricardo).  They were cute and gave short little speeches sharing their hopes for the coming year.  These young women are such a gift.  Our birthday prayers for them are that they realize their full potential as individuals and as mothers and experience the love of Christ at the Harbor House.