Monday, August 08, 2011

Mules Needed

A family in Massachusetts has faithfully been gathering beautiful fabric for the Heartline Sewing School and for Haitian Creations (the products the sewing ladies create).

We are wondering if anyone might be willing to carry fabric into Haiti in your luggage.  If you think this is something you or your group could do, we would have the folks in Massachusetts at Homebound Missions ship as many pounds as you think you could handle. (They have gathered a lot!) We would then arrange for one of our staff to meet you at the airport upon your arrival and attempt not to take any more of your time.

Email me at TL7inhaiti at yahoo dot com if you think your group might have open luggage and be willing to schlep bags of fabric for us anytime in the next month or two. This is something that will greatly help our sewing program and will translate into money in the pockets of many hard working women trying to provide for their families.