Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this post brought to you by twitter

Troy doesn't usually tweet a bazillion times a day but he did today.  Too much sugar in his coffee or something.  Because it is so unusual and because his day was far more interesting than mine, I'll take the lazy man's path and paste the tweets in here.

11 hours ago

~Made Starbucks coffee that a friend brought us, while feeding the kids Pop Tarts that another friend brought. Happy kids.

10 hours ago

~Rec'd email from a dear friend about his wife's chronic pain & illness we've been praying for-may have an answer and healing after 12 long yrs

~Prayer meeting this morning included singing 'I Have Decided' in three languages - English, Kreyol, and Amharic

9 hours ago

~Paid a visit to Mirlande - a pregnant mother in our program who lives in a tin shack. Her faith and positive attitude rock my world.

~Day just took a turn for the worse-now have 'Break My Stride' by Matthew Wilder stuck in my head

~Replaced painful earworm with . Much better.

~Am I having a popsicle for lunch? Yes. Yes I am. 

~This community has been desperate for water and praying hard for it.They are thrilled about the well and giving thanks for answered prayers.
5 hours ago 

~And now - dinner with the Harbor House family. Lourdes Milla just ate a pound of French butter. Wow.

~Thankful for the great day,now time to pray for the ones who weren't so fortunate in , , , all over this broken world.


The only other news worth reporting -  the police literally told our staff that they should have left "Moses" in the street, that by picking him up they did the wrong thing. They actually said that!  The staff members that went to report what happened (with "Moses" with them) were reprimanded.  Nothing like getting a lecture for doing what is CLEARLY the right thing. How can leaving a living disabled human alone in the dirt be the right thing? Tomorrow they are instructed to return with the paper report that was created today to the Mayor's office.  The paper cost $500 Haitian Dollars.  (2500 gourdes)  - or the equivalent of $62USD.

All that math to say, for just $62 you too can go file a report and receive a stern lecture from the local police.  What tha?