Monday, August 08, 2011

Whatever Happened to Faithfulness

"Faithfulness is such a rare commodity today that it has disappeared from our lexicon. So let me insert the dictionary definition: “Reliable; trusted; steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant.” In this day of quick divorce, loan defaults, addictive personalities, broken contracts, deadbeat dads and religious scandals, we’re surprised when somebody actually follows through and keeps their promises."

The quote above was pulled from an article that was sent to us by email.  

We have friends in India and friends in another war torn country in Central Asia. We look up to both of these couples as they inspire us with their lives and faith. We've witnessed their struggles and their willingness to fight through and we're moved to be stronger and do better ourselves.

We daily work along side John and Beth who have managed to keep on keeping on for more than 20 years of ups and downs in Port au Prince.  There are countless other examples we could list.

Yes, we live in a day and age where many (maybe most?) don't find it necessary to see a commitment through to the end. But - If you look around I think you'll still find faithfulness on display. It may not be the norm, but the examples are out there.  I don't believe that only people that pull up stakes and move abroad are faithful.  

When I read the article, I wasn't so much disagreeing but I thought of all the examples we have around us of people doing the basic and complicated work of staying the course and simply "being faithful". 

Examples of faithfulness are everywhere.

When I hear of someone fighting for their marriage and staying when staying hurts so much worse than leaving  - I am moved by their faithfulness.  

When I see a parent continuing to love and pray fervently for an addicted child that has hurt them deeply, I see faithfulness. 

When I read about adoptive or foster parents digging their heels in to continue to love and fight for their wounded and angry children I am inspired by their faithfulness. 

When I learn of a single mother daily battling to serve and care for her unhealthy child, I am invited to watch faithfulness in action.  

When I watch friends purposefully living in relationships with gang members and criminals in North Carolina - I observe great faithfulness.

The most faithful among us are not usually the ones receiving the most accolades and attention.  

Maybe we could all make it a point to find one such faithful person and encourage and pray for them today.