Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tèt chaje nèt - completely loaded head

I cannot focus on any one story or any one happening when there are too many stories and too many haps ... It is in times like these that I resort to bullet point posts.

As always, the things that don't qualify as blog material, that are better left as matters of prayer and private conversation, are heavy as well.

  • The school building for all the little turkey missionary kids is the main focus of this week. The electrician that was hired by the company the building was purchased from was "interesting".  That word has always been code for "horrible". All the wiring had to be redone and fixed.  
  • There has been some trouble and unrest in the downtown area. 
  • The time has finally come for our names to be at the top of the well-drillers list! They are coming to start drilling out at the Camp Corail area where the five houses were built for five earthquake families that lost homes to relocate. This is huge news. 
  • A little boy, probably two or three years old was left outside of the Maternity Center in the road. His mother had asked one of the gate guys if there was an orphanage around. The gate guy told her we were not an orphanage.  Later that morning he was found lying in the dirt on the side of the street. He cannot sit or stand or hold his head up for very long. We're not giving you a certain diagnosis, but he appears to fall under the umbrella of "cerebral palsy". He is not undernourished and it appears he has been very well cared for to this point. Because he was abandoned without explanation his name is unknown. We're calling him Moses. Oddly, when Paige asked what I thought we should call him I said "Moses",  later when Paige got over the Maternity Center she learned that Cherline, a valued Haitian staff member, had decided his name should be ......  Moses. We need to figure out what is next for sweet Moses. A report is being filed with the police today and John will be in contact with Haitian Social Services as we look for long term care for him. In the meantime the gate guy that talked to the mom will be searching our area and hoping someone knows something about her whereabouts. Until then Paige asked if she could care for Moses. Paige is quite tender and gifted at loving in these situations. They had a good night last night, he is doing well.
  • Thursday three pregnant teenagers will meet with Troy and Magarette (Harbor House) to be interviewed about their lives and living situations. Prayers over that (and all of the above) are both appreciated and needed.