Thursday, August 18, 2011

two links and two prayers

Link One:
I think this post written by friends in Haiti is one you'll want to read.  I'd go ahead and say "you must read it", but if you are anything like me you would rebel against being told what to do and not read it.

I like it when other people write about the things that I want to write about but cannot figure out how to address politely.  I think Corrigan handled himself like a (funny) gentleman and I plan to request he write about a few other difficult topics on my behalf very soon.

Seeing some of the real life damage that short-sighted distributions and feel-good aid can cause, often make people angry and persuasive.  In my experience with addressing these sorts of difficult topics there is a fine line between being perceived as a cynical jerk, and being received as informed, experienced,  and gracious. I'm trying to keep my mouth shut unless I'm fairly certain I can pull off the latter.

Link Two:
Totally unrelated, I followed this link from a tweet today and found myself feeling understood (and slightly weepy).  Don't ask me what that odd photo with the article has to do with anything, but the article itself hit so close to my heart.  Most readers may want to skip it, but those considering raising kids abroad (or doing it) may find themselves nodding in agreement.

Prayer One:
The Harbor House: A place of refuge 

The decision about the newest Harbor House teen mom was made.  The three girls that were being considered all had some serious challenges, as expected.  There was however one story that stood out. The young woman pictured here will be moving into the house tomorrow.  Alloune is the 8th teen mom in the house and there are now three Harbor House moms due to deliver within a few weeks of one another.  As we get to know her  we'll probably understand more but we know she is without support of any kind and was raised in a sad situation, living most of her chilhood as a restavek. Please pray for 16 year old Alloune. We can only guess, but it seems probable that for the first time in a long time she will be on the receiving end of true nurture ...  And love that is not asking for anything in return. We don't know if she will even be able to receive it with all she has been through in her life. She'll leave her tent and find herself here tomorrow.  I can only imagine that this space invokes a bit more peace and calm than a tattered tent on the hard earth.  

Prayer Two:
Moses is coming alive. He is responding more and becoming comfortable. Hayden Hendrick found his tickle-spot and the giggles were so beautiful to listen to for all of us. The last couple of nights went a lot better and today he was a cherub and we listened to a lot of Sara Groves while we moved about the house getting things done. 

Lydia went two totally different directions with the Moses situation ('sitch' as we say here).  One, she reverted to requiring me to spoon feed her "like a baby" after seeing me spoon feed Moses.  Two, she said she was the "mommy of Moses" for a little while and made beds for herself and him next to my desk. She then declared to Moses, "I am your mommy and I will keep the bugs off of you."  A zapping bug-racket in the hands of a three year old so near a helpless child allowed me to snap just one photo before saving Moses from being treated to a little shock.  We're praying for his future tonight. (Not just because of Lydia.)