Tuesday, October 11, 2011

bullets on a tuesday

  • Phoebe puked on the kitchen table first thing this morning. Who pukes on a table? Ever hear of turning your head and puking on the floor? 

  • Womens program was sparsely attended due to ominous skies. Cloudy day number three in a row. Unusual weather for PAP.

  • I hated myself for eating too much greasy rice and beans for lunch at womens program.

  • Heather taught on healthy eating while I ate.  (the irony)

  • Olina and Elizabeth came for a check-up and looked great! Olina said her headaches are decreasing.

  • I realized I cannot find the camera I normally use. Troy is not super pleased. Poor quality phone photo of Olina is a direct result of that not-so-good-sitch.

  • Phoebe and Lydia spend the time with Geronne who claimed they were so good and did not fight. I arrived and found them dumping liquid soaps into the toilet and flushing over and over to watch the bubbles it created.  

  • This proves that they can have a day without fighting. Unfortunately it is a very expensive and totally unsustainable way to reduce the brawling.

  • I hated myself again for eating too much greasy rice and beans for dinner. 

  • Other news:  As of earlier today, no application has been turned in for Moses. Keep praying for his family.  Esther and Mama Emmanuel still haven't delivered; anticipation is building.