Sunday, October 30, 2011

Esther's Baby Boy

Esther had an incredibly long day and night of labor. Her blood pressure sky-rocketed; lots of medical intervention was necessary. At 7:26 this morning she delivered her 6lb 9ounce baby boy. She lost quite a lot of blood and will need to stay at the Maternity Center for close observation as she recovers. She's not technically out of the woods, so please keep covering her in prayer. A seasoned nurse midwife named Melissa will be with us often from here on out. (top photo standing up) She brings a lot of Haiti and high-risk experience to the table. We're so grateful she was here for Esther's birth.

We're all blessed by your willingness to pray for these ladies. Their lives are fragile and the odds are stacked against them in so many ways. With each complicated birth we recognize more and more what a ginormous gift it is to be able to offer this option to women in our area. Thank you for helping to make this ministry possible. Please keep giving. Please keep praying.

This story and the stats within seem hard to believe in 2011, but please read this recent article about some of the realities of giving birth in Haiti found here.

That is why the Heartline Maternity Center and Prenatal program exists. That is what motivates all of us to want to grow bigger and take on more ladies.