Monday, October 24, 2011

the joy of traveling multiplied

Troy left Florida last night to go surprise our friends Tim and Amie.  He is spending 48 hours in North Carolina with them before he comes home.  They've visited us in about four locations over the years. If we wanted to keep them as friends it was time to go see them on their turf. 

Paige escorted Amanda home, they left Tampa at an ungodly hour this morning.  Amanda had been in MN getting further medical treatment for earthquake injuries.

I GET to travel with Beth.  Having done this before I have made a choice to enjoy the show she creates when she travels. The first time I traveled with her I spent a lot of time pretending not to know her; I'm taking a new approach this time around. 

We're sitting in the Tampa airport.  When her carry on was scanned the TSA lady radioed the other people and said "Bag-check, you're gonna love this one."

We're headed home with Beth's 60 pound carry on filled with hams (yes multiple) and meatballs and cheese. I'll get to test my upper body strength as I lift it into the overhead ... If you've had dinner at Beth's house you know this is a small sacrifice to make in order to eat her delicious Sunday dinners.

Excited to get home to my little people ... more excited to get to be at the births of Esther and Mama Emmanuel, we thought for sure we'd miss those - but if they wait till this afternoon we can be there. :)

Haiti bound,

Tara, Beth, & many hams