Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Date - 15 years ago today

Troy isn't a freak about remembering dates. Right this very moment he is happily going about his Thursday unaware of the life-altering significance of October 13.

However, I am genetically predisposed to be freaky this way . My Dad is the capital 'K' - King of knowing what happened on this date X number of years ago. I followed in his footsteps and also possess this worthless hidden talent. I can more accurately describe what happened on this date 15 years ago, than I can recall what happened 15 minutes ago.  I can more easily recall the date that I met Jen Halverson than I can recall Isaac's current shoe size.  I can tell you when and where Troy first kissed me much quicker than I can tell you where my receipts are for our taxes.

I look for reasons to get alone and away with Troy.  With this many kids, why wouldn't I? Of course we don't leave in the evenings unless there is some occasion.  Therefore I am creating an occasion with this reminder with the hope that tonight he will leave the house with me and we can go somewhere quiet(er) and reminisce ... if even for 60 minutes.

Our first date, I wrote about it here five years ago.