Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mama Emmanuel, hanging in there

Esther, hanging in there

Prenatal day today was packed full of lab work, teaching, consultations, and fun.  We're meeting tomorrow (the full-time, long-term team) afternoon to get a grasp on our growing and busy program and make plans for the future.  It is a true blessing and joy to be a part of such a beautiful program.

You may be checking in on Esther and Mama E tonight ... The expecting ladies are making general guesses about their LMP or conception dates.  Many are not too certain.  Figuring out exact due dates in Haiti is not something that can consistently be accomplished. (truth be told - me - telling you - what day it is today - cannot consistently be accomplished)

All that to say, we don't really think Esther and Mama E. are many days over forty weeks right now and they are both doing really well  - as are their babies.  We continue to wait with them. These are some highly anticipated babies!